Friday, September 10, 2010

Worst week?

If you remember in my last update, I said that my tie rod ends are going bad on my car. Well, it's getting worse. Today while driving my wheel has been shaking and I'm just praying that I get to every destination in one piece. Going to change them and get an alignment tomorrow, so not too big of a deal.

While out and about running errands fixing computers one of which when I reset the router password for the owner and told him to change it, he called me later asking how to spell the password (it was his last name, mind you). Train of thought derailed, anyways back to what I was saying. While I was out and around the town I went out to eat a lovely restaurant in Lansing called Cheddars. This is a fairly decent restaraunt with moderately priced food, usually keeps the real dirtbags away.

While enjoying my Long Island and partaking in an intellectual conversation with my friend, I notice a large family of black americans (I won't call them african, nobody calls me a european american) sits at the table behind us. My friend immediately starts making a commotion about how he wants to move and I told him to just wait and don't worry about it, they're just people.

As I was about to take a bite of my food I notice the little child sitting at the table behind us has decided to climb up on the table and walk around. Not only is this disgusting but the parents did not scold him, only laugh and talk about how they couldn't wait for "dem ribs and shimps." As I'm still seated remaining calm trying to mind my own business, the rather large one that appears to be the mother slams down into the booth knocking me forward and spilling my drink. She then becomes offended that I told her what she had done and she offered no sort of apology.

Tl;dr I honestly could care less what color you are, stop being so damn rude and ignorant. Teach your children some manners and be respectful of others when you're out in public. Good god.

Also, have fun on the ride home with no valve stems. :)



  1. aww sucky man hope things go better for you

  2. i understand, college is the time where we grow and flourish~

  3. You must have really good self-control. I definitely would've lost my temper there..

  4. Crazy shit.

    You dealt with it pretty well though, all things considered!

  5. I understand you brother. I am a college student.And I work too.

    Help me spread some knowledge.

    I like your articles.

    Supporting and following you!

  6. spreading love to someone that needs it

  7. some people :/
    supporting this !
    much love <3

  8. I love how people can be so dumb with computers. Showin the love

  9. I'd die if a family like that sat next to me. But then again I live in Mississippi... we're all outright racists if I listened to CNN.

  10. wow that sounds pretty sad... sorry dude.