Saturday, September 11, 2010

Football Day

Another week passes and another football day arrives. For many of this, this is the most joyous day of the week. A day when we get to relax in our lazyboys with the built in refrigerator, a day when a man can be a man in his team logo boxers. On this wonderful day of relaxation and burying the thought of looming exams upcoming, I often frequent bars in search of the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy multiple games of football amongst my peers of beer drinking college students.

I myself spent the first half of the day lounging around watching the pretty interesting games, procrastinating on the last little bit of precalc homework that I had left (which is done now, brain hurts). On my way to the bar, I was pulled over only to be let go due to the fact that I was wearing a michigan state jersey and have michigan state seat covers. God, I love football day.

I'll be back tomorrow to report on my planned fishing trip, I'm sure it will be exciting for all of you to read /sarcasm; however on my last bout I did manage to cleanly pull a fish's eyeball out through his mouth via my hook and paid my friend 20 bucks to eat it.

Enjoy your beer and your football folks, Go Spartans!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Worst week?

If you remember in my last update, I said that my tie rod ends are going bad on my car. Well, it's getting worse. Today while driving my wheel has been shaking and I'm just praying that I get to every destination in one piece. Going to change them and get an alignment tomorrow, so not too big of a deal.

While out and about running errands fixing computers one of which when I reset the router password for the owner and told him to change it, he called me later asking how to spell the password (it was his last name, mind you). Train of thought derailed, anyways back to what I was saying. While I was out and around the town I went out to eat a lovely restaurant in Lansing called Cheddars. This is a fairly decent restaraunt with moderately priced food, usually keeps the real dirtbags away.

While enjoying my Long Island and partaking in an intellectual conversation with my friend, I notice a large family of black americans (I won't call them african, nobody calls me a european american) sits at the table behind us. My friend immediately starts making a commotion about how he wants to move and I told him to just wait and don't worry about it, they're just people.

As I was about to take a bite of my food I notice the little child sitting at the table behind us has decided to climb up on the table and walk around. Not only is this disgusting but the parents did not scold him, only laugh and talk about how they couldn't wait for "dem ribs and shimps." As I'm still seated remaining calm trying to mind my own business, the rather large one that appears to be the mother slams down into the booth knocking me forward and spilling my drink. She then becomes offended that I told her what she had done and she offered no sort of apology.

Tl;dr I honestly could care less what color you are, stop being so damn rude and ignorant. Teach your children some manners and be respectful of others when you're out in public. Good god.

Also, have fun on the ride home with no valve stems. :)


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Longest day of my life

So while driving to school eating a hot pocket in the car and sipping on my bottled orange juice, I hit the biggest damn pothole on the planet. Not only did I spill the orange juice all over my passenger seat but the designer of my car thought it would be a good idea to bolt aluminium directly to steel for a strut mount. Any idiot with a high school degree should know that YOU DONT BOLT THEM TOGETHER DIRECTLY, IT CAUSES MASSIVE CORROSION. Anyways, huge pothole, yeah, strut mount goes kaput. So I keep driving now with this wonderful clunk every time I hit a bump (which I'll replace tomorrow myself, thank you very much).

I get to the computer lab on campus early so I can print out a revised version of my essay and the stickler computer lab watch-woman demands I leave my unopened monster up at the desk. I tried to put it in my bag and well, she threw a fit so I just let her have it. As I finish printing out my papers and walk up to the counter for her to hand them to me she turns her gigantic ass in her chair and with one swift blow knocks my monster to the floor.

What a great morning  I had. Rest of the day was pretty much routine with professors feeling self important and throwing out random statistics and facts completely unrelated to the subject they're supposed to be teaching just to sound brilliant. The only other battle for the day was taking my friend to pay off a traffic ticket. Just so you know, the 6th floor of the Lansing city hall smells like unemployed body odor and piss, delightful right?

Another wonderful day in the life of a college student, maybe more later tonight.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friend freakout

Apparently a friend of mines ex goes to the same school as I and her friends thought it would be a good day to wrap her car in pink ribbons and a giant thing that says "Its a girl". I think its safe to say that he completely crapped his pants and started freaking out all over nothing. I have a ITIL/ISO Best Practices class that is apparently riddled with disgruntled ex-co-workers of my brother which is wonderful (including the professor). Thank god for $5 pizzas and Monster.

Been procrastinating too long on revising my analytical essay, time to get to work

More tomorrow, I have a loaded schedule so I'm sure I'll have some interesting tales to tell so check back!

New Blog!

Hi folks, I've recently gotten into the blogging scene (if you've read my other blog with includes computer sciences and a little ranting on my daily life at school) and have found what you guys have said to be the most interesting were my rants about the idiocy I have to deal with on a daily basis. I hope all of you continue to follow along on my journey through college and daily life as a college student!